How has this African boy’s life changed after being adopted

Everyone has surely encountered this pic of the little African boy on the Internet. When the kind volunteer posted this touching scene it became viral all over the world.


The past of the sweet baby was really hard. He was simply thrown away from his house because his parents considered him to be a witch as such a thought was spread around that area.

The miserable child had to live literally in the streets for about 8 months eating what he could found. Fortunately, his life changed after meeting a kind volunteer from Denmark named Anja Ringren Loven. She willingly assisted children from Nigeria.


The encounter of the two souls was in the street. It was really terrible to look at the little human. He was so weak and thin and the woman was literally in tears. She brought him instantly to the hospital.

The sweet baby seemed completely different from his mates at that time. But soon, when he got all the treatment he needed, he started to gain strength and recover fully. He was called Hope by his nice friend.

Now Hope is studying at school and has many friends. He really has become a handsome man and looks happy.


Anya has established an orphanage where the children she helped live, and Hope also is among them. The loving woman confesses that she loved all these children like her own. She has planed a new project about creating new orphanage to house more babies who need her help.

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