See the stunning transformation of the world’s most beautiful twins after three years!

Ava and Lea Clements, the gorgeous twin girls born on July 7th, 2010 in California, have been turning heads since they were babies. Their parents, Kevin and Jaki, knew their daughters were beautiful, but were surprised to find out that strangers agreed. Many people constantly complimented the girls’ stunning looks and features.

It’s easy to see where Ava and Lea got their good looks from. Their father Kevin, a swimming coach, is tall, fit, and has dark hair, while their mother Jaki has striking green eyes and beautiful features. Their older brother Chase, who is 12 years old, is also easy on the eyes.

Despite everyone telling them to consider modeling for their daughters, Jaki was hesitant. She wanted to wait until the girls were older and let them decide for themselves. But when Ava and Lea turned seven years old, Jaki talked to them about the possibility of pursuing a modeling career.

From a young age, the girls have loved being in the spotlight, and it was no surprise that they quickly took to modeling. Their brother Chase also expressed an interest in modeling, and the siblings now participate in various shows and photoshoots together.

The twins have even gained a massive following on social media, with over a million people subscribed to their page. Their mother Jaki has created an account to showcase her daughters’ modeling careers, and the family is planning to create their own brand, with a logo featuring the twins, although the specifics of their venture are still under wraps.

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