“I love her like this.” Pierce Brosnan stunned fans with a photo of his plumped-up wife

It’s difficult to think that the popular actor is now 68 years old! Pierce Brosnan is in great physical form, as evidenced by recent images. Pierce, by the way, does not hide the fact that he is a one-woman man.

In 2001, the actor legalized his relationship with the stunning Keeley, to whom he is committed to this day. Pierce’s wife has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, according to fans.

The photo of a plump Keeley is often discussed in the comments. Pierce’s conversation is short: “I love her like this.” “Beautiful couple,” “What a great example,” “The exception to the rule.”

“Bravo, Pierce,” “A true one-liner,” “I wish I had Pierce like that,” the couple’s fans wrote under the latest photo of Pierce and Keeley together.

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